Game Time 


We have developed a comprehensive testing battery that encompasses traits important for athletic performance such as proper movement patterns, limb capacity, strength and power. We use a brief movement screen that allows us to identify competency in our main movement patterns as well as any deficits to address in our programming. Our capacity tests look at your ability to perform many repetitions of a body weight movement which we can compare left to right to address any major differences as well as use as a baseline to get back to if injuries occur. The strength component utilises multiple pieces of VALD sport tech equipment allowing us to get valid and reliable data looking at many key factors such as max force generated, right vs left and how quickly you generate force (rate of force development). Finally, we use VALD ForceDecks to assess multiple components of our power with different tests such as our countermovement jump. Once all of these tests have been performed, we will have a general profile of you as an athlete. We will be able to utilise our findings to identify your strengths, weaknesses and target you specific needs unlike most general programs.

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VALD NordBord

This Nordbord focuses on important metrics of the hamstrings. We are able to get readings on the force generated by the hamstrings to look for max strength as well as compare the difference between each side. The nordbord provides different types of tests to meet the needs of different level athletes as well as different stages of the rehab process.

VALD ForceFrame

The ForceFramce is a versatile piece of equipment that can measure both the upper and lower limbs in multiple movements such as shoulder and hip internal and external rotation. It is able to look at how much force can be generated as well as how quickly the force can be generated which is also an important component for performance and rehab. It will also give us the left to right comparison to identify major differences.

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VALD ForceDecks

The ForceDecks allow us to get all kinds of data on different jumps, exercise movements, as well as some upper limb tests. It gives us things such as jump height, ground contact time, right vs left emphasis. With so many metrics and tests, the Physio/S&C working with you has the ability to pick the best tests to use and metrics to track in order to get you the best performance or rehab outcome.