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Physiotherapy Internship: Starts March 25th

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Physiotherapy Is In Trouble!

For far too long, Universities have been producing cohort after cohort of under-prepared physiotherapists, sending them out into a career in private practice with the bare minimum of rehab training.

They're expected to guide athletes back to competitive sport, with an exercise tool kit of wall sits, bridges and banded shoulder rotations. 

They make return to play decisions purely on subjective feedback, crossing their fingers and hoping the athlete doesn't suffer a flare up.

The majority of expensive weekend courses only focus on manual therapy techniques, selling their treatment technique as this magic fix for patients.

In our opinion, this has led to the bar for physiotherapy rehab to be very low. It often pains us to hear what athletes have been given as rehab and the huge holes in their management.

We as a profession need to be better!

Our physiotherapy internships look to help professionals and students elevate themselves above the norm and make meaningful and long-term changes to their patients lives.

The Game Time Physiotherapy Internship

Our 26-week internship program looks to help physiotherapists/students develop the skills and expertise, enabling them to have full confidence in their ability to get athletes back to sport and stay there. Interns will be taken through 13 training modules by our Director and Head Physiotherapist Aaron Turnbull, utilising a combination of in-person and online learning strategies. Aaron has over 10 years experience working in sport, having worked with the following:

  • Auckland School Boys (Rugby Union)

  • New Zealand Warriors (Rugby League)

  • Souths Logan Magpies Q Cup (Rugby League)

  • Northern Pride Q Cup (Rugby League)

  • Carina Leagues Club Tigers (Netball)

  • Southside Eagles FC (Soccer)

  • Southside Aquatics (Age-Grade Swimming)

  • Bulimba Bulldogs (Rugby League)

  • Reds U16 program (Rugby Union)

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Throughout the internship, exposure to athletes within rehab and match-day scenarios will help interns apply their learnings and see theory in practice. This invaluable experience is something many professionals do not get in their current workplace and is essential in reinforcing rehab principles.

What's involved?

Game Time Physiotherapy will provide:

  • Fortnightly 2 hour training at Game Time, putting theory into practice and allowing interns the opportunity for Q&A.

  • 24/7 Access to online training, providing 13 training modules through an online platform.

  • Exposure and real-life exposure to youth, amateur and semi-professional athletes in both rehab, sporting and strength and conditioning environments.

Successful Interns Will Commit To:

  • A 26-week internship, attending all internal trainings, rehab sessions and sports games as rostered (or as communicated).

  • 8-12 hours per week spread across the fortnightly tutorial, supervised rehab sessions and sports coverage. In-clinic work will likely be in afternoons during the week and weekends for sports coverage. During the selection process, we will take into consideration availability and to try work around your current commitments.

Physiotherapy Internship: Starts March 25th

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